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Office Renovations As a business owner, you realize that your workspace needs to be changed and renovated over time in order to account for the ever-changing needs of your company. However, you may have put off those crucial office renovations for many different reasons. Here are a few signs that indicate it’s time to contact us at Redwood Homes Inc. right away to come and help you renovate your office.

  1. Your Updates Don’t Match. Throughout the years, you may have completed a few office renovations as-needed. For instance, you may have replaced the flooring or revamped your breakroom for your employees as your company started to experience tremendous growth. However, if these renovations look inconsistent, it’s best to allow us to renovate your office for a more cohesive, streamlined look.
  2. File Cabinets are Everywhere. You may bring in more and more file cabinets in order to keep up with your growing workload. Although having a few file cabinets throughout your workspace is necessary, having file cabinets in every single corner and along the walls means that you need to renovate your office to create more storage space.
  3. Your Layout is Suffering. When you go into your office, there should be a designated area for working independently, holding meetings, meeting with clients, and taking breaks. If you have several employees working at one end of your office and a few working at the other end, or if you feel like there isn’t a good place to meet with your clients, your business could probably benefit from having some office renovations done.