Get a Brand-New Space with a Basement Renovation

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The basement is one of those spaces that homeowners sometimes treat as the forgotten room. You know what we mean—it can be that dark, slightly damp place where Christmas ornaments, seasonal clothes, sports equipment, and old stuff tend to congregate for years and years until we finally decide to host a yard sale.

Get a Brand-New Space with a Basement Renovation

But at Redwood Homes Inc., we strongly feel that the basement can be a beautifully done area of the home that serves as yet another important room of the house. Whether it’s a media centre, a playroom for the kids, an extra living room, a man cave, or a home office, basement renovation can be a fantastic way to increase your living space and the value of the house.

Some things to consider before beginning a basement renovation include:

  • Define your “why.” When it comes to renovating your basement, what is your main reason for doing so? Do you want more usable space? Are you tired of going downstairs to do your laundry in what essentially feels like a dungeon? Are you hoping to create an inviting guest room that allows some privacy for visitors? Do you have hobbies that don’t quite suit the rest of the house? Whatever your reason, make sure you know what the overall goal is for your basement renovation.
  • Define the type of renovations needed for that goal. What will be necessary to accomplish that vision? Is the basement partially finished? Does it need updated plumbing or electrical?
  • Make it inviting. Think about how to turn the space into an attractive one that will entice your family to spend time down there. Bright lighting and welcoming colors, comfortable furniture, warmth, and so on are all important considerations in basement renovation.
  • Budget it out. Have a budget in mind of what you can swing on your new basement renovation.
  • ROI (return of investment). The average basement renovation can often add 70% return on investment to your home, and sometimes even more depending on the region. Keep that in mind when planning out the design and function of your basement renovation. Make sure it appeals to you as the homeowner and also to potential other buyers should you ever decide to sell.

No matter what the end goal is with your basement renovation, your dream basement space is only a phone call away.