Improve Employee Morale with Office Design

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Several studies have been conducted concerning the relationship between office design and mental health. One of these recent studies, conducted by Lisanne Bergefurt regarding the physical office workspace and mental health, compiled the findings from several previous studies regarding the topic.

Improve Employee Morale with Office Design

Areas of evaluation in the office workspace include the office design itself, amount of daylight present, noise levels and privacy, quality of the indoor air and ventilation, temperature comfort, biophilia (including views, greenery, and plants), and the visual appearance and colours present within the office space itself.

These factors were tested to determine if there was a correlation between the mental wellbeing of employees and the office design. Office mental health was measured according to employee wellbeing, productivity, stress levels, depression, engagement, concentration levels, fatigue, quality of sleep, overall mood, and burnout.

Of the 133 studies evaluated from 33 different countries, there appears to be a likely correlation between office design and mental health. In regard to the office design itself, it was found that offices that provide employees with private office spaces result in better productivity and concentration while reducing stress. This is in contrast to the traditional open-plan office, which typically reduces productivity and concentration while increasing stress. Employee well-being was also found to be improved by being able to see plant life, whether in the office itself or having a regular view of the outdoors.

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