Home Renovations in Barrie, OntarioIf you have been looking at sunrooms as a possible addition to your home, you may be wondering whether it would be worth the investment. Aside from adding an extra room to your home, would you really get adequate use out of such a space? If you are considering sunrooms, here are a few advantages of adding one to your home that may sway your decision.

  1. Seasonal Enjoyment – One of the best advantages of sunrooms is that you can enjoy an “outdoor” space all year long. There are actually different versions of sunrooms that allow you to choose the materials, insulation, and coverings, so you can enjoy this space just as much during the summer months as you do in the winter, not to mention you have a great space for entertaining, as well as rest and relaxation.
  2. Home Value – Just like with any addition or home renovation, sunrooms provide added value to your home overall. You are adding square footage that is an attractive addition and provides an excellent boost to the value of your home whether you plan to stay or the real estate market is in your future.
  3. Decorative Addition – Not only can sunrooms provide a useable space for you and your family, but they can also make your home more appealing from the outside in. You can give your home a beautiful feature that is visible from the outside and a lovely space for hanging plants, comfortable furniture, and space to enjoy the view indoors.

If you are interested in adding a sunroom to your home, give us a call at Redwood Homes Inc. to learn how we can assist you in building this perfect addition. We know you’ll love the warmth, the view, and the value.