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dental office design to strike a balance between aesthetics Whether you are opening your first dental office, relocating, or opening another location, you want the space to be highly functional for you and your staff as well as comforting and calming for your patients. Care must be taken with the dental office design to strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality while resisting the temptation to underbuild or overbuild the space.

If you underbuild, in other words cut corners, during your dental office design, it will be challenging to be successful and happy in your dental office. On the other hand, if you overbuild, you could be seen as ostentatious by patients who may feel they will be overcharged to pay for your elaborate dental office design. Once you settle on something in between these two, you can turn to other considerations that are important in dental office design.

First of all, consider how people will move about the dental office – both patients and staff. For example, put rooms near one another that will be used frequently throughout the day to help your staff be more productive. You wouldn’t want the file room a great distance from patient intake. You also want your supply room accessible from your exam rooms.

Second, consider privacy in your dental office design. There should be places where your patients can speak with the financial person, the dentist, and others without others able to hear what is being said. If space allows, you might consider having an exit different than the entrance, so that patients do not have to go back through the waiting area after their treatment.

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