Three Mistakes That Can Detract from Your Dental Office Design

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Designing a dental office is never easy, considering you have to accommodate both patients and staff. The patients should feel relaxed and well catered for, whereas the employees should be at ease within the office and with the equipment when performing dental work. It is, therefore, safe to say that bad choices can easily make your dental office design feel uninspiring.

Three Mistakes That Can Detract from Your Dental Office Design

Here are some examples of missteps that you should avoid when designing your dental office:

  • Non-compliance to regulations. In Ontario, dental offices are required to meet special building regulations regarding things such as sanitation and security. Overlooking these regulations in the design process can be detrimental to your facility, exposing you to hefty fines or premature closure.
  • Not considering future needs. When some dentists think about opening a dental office, they often base their design choices solely on current needs. As a result, they make design errors such as providing insufficient working spaces and waiting rooms. Ignoring future changes, like increased numbers of patients, will inevitably lead to a poor user experience.
  • Providing a hostile work environment. Any dental office design should not only be patient-focused, but also employee-friendly. Unfortunately, some dentists tend to neglect the building of spacious staff bathrooms and breakrooms. Providing staff with comfortable spaces to take a break can improve morale.

Not only will an outstanding dental office design increase productivity, but profitability as well. At Redwood Homes Inc., we have an experienced team of professional designers who can help you make the right design choices. Book an appointment with us today and get a free quote for our services.