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It might seem like asking the question, “What is the best use for room additions?” is like asking what flavour of ice cream is best because the inevitable answer is, “All of them!” Unfortunately, one must make a decision unless you have dreams of doing what Sarah Winchester did and turn a small farmhouse into a 24,000 square foot unusual sprawling mansion, which is now dubbed the Winchester Mystery House.

room additions to make your home best fit your family’s needs

There are few among us who don’t wish they had just one more room in their home or perhaps long for the expansion of an existing one, so let’s dive in and examine the many different ways you could use one or more room additions to make your home best fit your family’s needs. Here are a couple questions you should consider:

  • Does your home have at least three bedrooms? Even if your family doesn’t include children and you don’t anticipate overnight guests often, you should consider adding a bedroom if you only have two. The reason is that it is very challenging to sell two-bedroom homes anymore. You don’t necessarily have to set the third one up as a guest bedroom right away. Feel free to use it as a hobby room, extra closet space, an office, storage, or whatever you want.
  • Do you have space for entertaining? If you have to keep your parties limited to a few people at a time because of lack of space, ideas for home additions include putting in a covered outdoor living space for BBQs, adding a formal living room and/or dining room, or adding a game room. You can also expand existing areas to have more room for entertaining.

At Redwood Homes Inc., we will be happy to share ideas with you about home additions we have done in the past and how our clients utilized them. We can assess your home’s layout to show you where it is the most feasible to add space and answer any other questions you might have. Call today to schedule a consultation to learn more.