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First impressions are important ones, and retail renovations can make all the difference with creating a “wow” factor with your customers. Retail renovations can add a fresh look, feel, and functionality inside and out. Whether it’s adding more space for product, creating additional storage, or removing a wall in favour of an open-concept floor plan, there are many options to create a custom feel that works best for your business. Before starting work, there are a few things to consider to maximize the potential of your retail renovation.

What to Consider Before Starting Retail Renovations

  • Create a design plan. Think about why you are renovating your retail space and what you’d like to gain from it. Do you need additional fitting rooms? Could your products look better with improved lighting? Does the floorplan allow customers to see everything you offer, or are there underutilized spaces? Knowing what your end goals are for retail renovations helps to create a better-defined plan and keeps the project on track.
  • Consult your customers and employees. Understanding the first-hand experience of the people who shop at your store is important for knowing what has the most impact. Your employees are also valuable resources who see what appeals to customers and can provide input on the functionality of the space. They know if the fitting rooms are always busy, where customers tend to browse, or if there’s a bottleneck at the cashier. Authentic feedback is an important part of the advanced planning stage.
  • Think about how to market your new and improved business. You know why you’re making some changes, but this is the perfect opportunity to share the excitement with your customers. Getting them invested in the process, showing some behind-the-scenes action, and drumming up some anticipation for your big reveal are great ways to build engagement. This also shows that you are confident in your business’ longevity.

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