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House Framing The house framing process is one of the most exciting parts of building a new home. During this phase of the construction process, the structure of the home begins to take shape.

Once your new home is framed, you may think that your home will be finished shortly thereafter. However, keep in mind that even though having the frame set up means that significant progress has been made, the entire project is only about 30 to 40 percent complete.

The Importance of Proper Framing 

The house framing process is one of the most important parts of any home construction project. If your house’s frame is not properly put together, the floors will squeak when they’re finished, the drywall won’t be able to lie flat, and the home’s doors won’t close like they should. At Redwood Homes Inc., we take special care while framing homes in order to ensure that the process is completed correctly and according to local codes and ordinances. 

Factors that Affect the House Framing Process 

How long it takes to complete the house framing process depends on several factors. These include:

  • The size of the home being built
  • How complex the framing project is
  • What the weather is like while the house is being framed

When we frame your new home, we’ll do everything we can to make sure the process is completed as quickly as possible. If you want to know more about house framing and what the process entails, give us a call at Redwood Homes Inc. today.