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Basement Renovation in Barrie, OntarioDo you walk downstairs to your basement and hate what you see? Have you always planned to do a basement renovation, but you just never got around to it? If you always leave the basement door closed so you don’t have to think about your basement space, here are a few reasons why a basement renovation is a great idea.

  • Functional Space – Take your basement from unusable to functional when you follow through with a basement renovation. You’ll enjoy having a man-cave, yoga space, or media room when you add walls and flooring to this great space.
  • Better Storage – If your basement is your room where everything goes but you can never find anything, take the opportunity with a basement renovation to create a perfectly organized storage space. Adding permanent shelving and other creative storage solutions will help you find those Christmas ornaments you’ve been looking for since last year.
  • Extra Bedroom – If you are having another child soon or if your parents are coming to live with you, a basement renovation is the perfect way to add an extra living area without feeling like a home addition is the only way to go.
  • Home Value – You may find that finishing up your basement adds value to your home, making it a more functional space for your family, but also great for resale if you plan to move. At Redwood Homes Inc., we are happy to assist you with your basement renovation needs, so you can enjoy a more functional, beautiful space. Contact us today to get started.