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Our services include new home construction & renovations.

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When you’re looking for a home, you have a couple of options. The first is to find and purchase an existing home, although this can be a challenge. Finding the perfect home for your family can take months or even years, and you could end up sacrificing some of the aspects that you want to get into a home that works. You could also find yourself in a position where you have to pay more for the home you want because of the high demand for real estate. The second option is building a home that has everything you want and need for your family. Although this may seem out of reach for some, it may surprise you to find out that new home construction could fit into the budget you’ve set for your home purchase.

The home you live in is much more than just a structure with four walls, a floor, a roof, and some windows and doors. It’s also the place that you make memories with your family, spend time with friends, and live your life. At Redwood Homes Inc., we’re here to make sure your home in Collingwood, Ontario meets your requirements for space and also complements your lifestyle needs with our home construction and renovation services.

We can help you build your dream home or turn the home you have into the perfect space for your family. Our team members take pride in working with homeowners and homebuyers in the Collingwood area, providing the services you need to live more comfortably. Always dreamed of having a larger master suite? We can renovate your existing space or build an addition to provide the room you want. If you’re not finding exactly what you want in the real estate market, talk to one of our experts about building a custom home.

When you turn to us to take advantage of our services for new home construction & renovations, the very first thing we will do is get to know your specific needs. For example, if you want to build an entirely new home with our help, we will want to know how big you want your home to be, how many storeys you want it to have, and how many bedrooms you want. Or, if you’re getting ready to renovate your home, we’ll take the time to understand the reason behind the renovation and what you want the end-product to look like. This ensures satisfaction, which is a main priority of every member of our homebuilding and renovation team.

The main thing that makes our services for new home construction & renovations stand out is that they’re customer-oriented. Throughout the entire renovation or construction project we complete for you, we’ll be there to answer all of your questions, let you know how the project is progressing, and address all of your concerns. To view our extensive portfolio of previous new home construction & renovations we’ve worked on, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Redwood Homes Inc. today.

Check out our gallery for photos of our past home construction and renovation projects.

At Redwood Homes Inc., we offer home construction & renovations in Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, Blue Mountain, Orangeville, Creemore, Mulmer, Mansfield, Stayner, Thornbury, Newmarket, Shelburne, Barrie, Owen Sound, Meaford, Elmvale and the surrounding areas of Ontario.